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The Pern District

aka the Taisho Files...

22 December 1986
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  • pernshinigami@livejournal.com
I like to use the name Gwen Waverider, a pen name that has to do with my first dragonrider character ever on any dragonriders MUSH. But I'm also a huge sci fi anime fan. Unfortuantely my RL has its own share of problems, like bipolar 2 that leaves me articulate enough to write this and gifted enough to make descs or emits like no MUSHer has ever seen, to plot fanfics and RP's that would normally be impossible and to make mythology come alive in my originals, but that same ability to express and articulate is what not only gets me into trouble no matter what job I get or interview I go on, it makes people at, for example, DSS or social security think that I'm just pulling their leg. (le sigh)

My live journal has three purposes...

Stick up logs and character stats to my MUSH personas in one place so I can keep track of them all...

Post links to my fanfics and original stories and RP's that I really don't have a space or room to stick them on.

Allow my family and friends to keep tabs on my life (cuts down on the phonebill that way) with periodic RL updates...